Exciting news! We have finally moved the steel substructure of the sculpture, tools, and building materials to the 23-04 Cornaga Avenue in Far Rockaway. We'll be building in the side lot of the Church of the Prophecy, which has been an important site of relief, organizing, and rebuilding since Sandy struck. 

We will be having our first public build session this Saturday, September 14th from 12 to 6pm. We want to make the build sessions a place where lots of people can get engaged and help out in different ways. We will have food, possibly a flag-making station for people of all ages, and an organized way for people to find out where we are at in the build process and plug in using their specific skill set. So we'd like to invite people to get involved! We can use people who:

- Are handy and artistic who want to help design and build
- Are bilingual speakers
- Want to bring/hook us up with food and beverages to share
- Want to help things run smoothly and keep an eye on children
- Are interested in working on outreach and make sure that people across the Rockaways and beyond hear about his project and have a chance to get involved
- Would like to help facilitate folks of all ages in making "resilience flags" with messages to be suspended from the top of the sculpture
- Would like bring other educational / artistic activities to the space. We have a rule that people need to be at least 16 to use tools and build, but anticipate younger folks arriving and want to keep them engaged!
- Are local organizers who want to let people know about relevant campaigns and projects happening in the area
- Are excited about the unveiling ceremony for the sculpture who want to talk about planning the event and getting local performers, catering, and more involved
- We could also use some folding tables and chairs to borrow during the sessions

Please let us know if you're interested in attending, and what you would like to bring to these sessions! Thanks so much! We can't wait to build with you!

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